Getting it Right the First Time Saves

When you decide to repair or restore your building, the next most important decision becomes who to hire to make sure you get what you pay for. Experience counts and United Engineering Consultants has 25 years of experience restoring structurally ravaged buildings in corrosive coastal environment. We will guide you through every phase of your project. As “Your Advocate” we are committed to delivering the most cost-effective and durable solution that will restore and best protect your coastal investment for years to come.


  • Structural Analysis and Design
  • Structural Evaluation for Stability and Safety
  • Building Condition Surveys
  • In-house State Certified Threshold Building Inspector #0693
  • Preparation of Construction Documents for Bidding and Permit Application
  • Specifications for Structural Repair, Corrosion Mitigation, Waterproofing
  • Window/Door Specifications, Installation Inspections and Performance Testing
  • Bid Administration
  • Contract Administration, Inspections and Project Management
  • Roof Specifications, Inspections and Project Management
  • Sea Wall Design, Engineering Repair Details and Construction Administration
  • Handrail and Balcony 3-year Safety Certification Required by State


Watching over your house like it was ours.


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